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REVIEW – In my home, my significant other has blamed me for the commitment of cleaning the bathroom. As I get progressively settled, my back no longer recognizes the contorting that is incorporated while using a hand scrubber. My life partner couldn’t mind less how I put everything in order, as long as it is done and done properly with the objective that it satisfies her rule of tidiness!! :- ). The Homitt Electric Turn Cordless Shower Scrubber appears as if it might be a back saver and a life partner pleaser. We should see!!

What is it?

The Homitt Electric Turn Cordless Shower Scrubber is planned to be a straightforward cleaning/scouring contraption for the washroom similarly as various endeavors like cleaning vehicle edges, etc. It is helpful, lightweight and battery-fueled and incorporates a scouring head that can be accustomed to a plot for continuously feasible use.
What’s in the box

1 x Homitt Electric Turn Scrubber
1 x cooling Adapter
1 x Expansion Arm
4 x Brushes Heads
1 x Customer Manual

Design and features

Battery (not replaceable):
Voltage: 3.65V
Type: Li-ion
Capacity: 2*2150Mah

AC Adapter:
Input: 100-240V 50/60Hz
Output: 5.5V-1.4A
Certification: GS/BS/ETL/PSE
Cable Length: 70inch

Spin Scrubber:
Power: 600RPM-Void Transformation 280-300RPM – Run of the mill Use
Use time: 1.5hrs for void Turn, 50-60Minutes for customary use
Charging Indicator: Red while charging; light off when totally charged
Length: 24 inch without Growth Arm/45 inch with Development Arm
Total Weight: 3.76Lbs (Pack not include)


  • Power scrubber with 2 overwhelming LG Battery: Powered by battery-fueled 3.6-volt battery, 2*2150 Mah Advanced LG batteries, the cordless turn scrubber can last endlessly up to 1.5 hours after simply 3.5 hours brisk charging. High go speed to 300 RPM. (The veritable working time depends upon the tidiness of the area. For cleaning unyielding stains in case you press the brush to clean, the usage time will be shortened.)
  • Upgraded Adaptable Long Expansion Handle and Brush Head Angle: Different from other electric scrubbers, Homitt scrubber brush, and bathroom cleaner brush head can adjust to be tilted or versatile by crushing the catch on the head. It also goes with a 21-inch extendable tempered steel handle for you to scour and clean hard to show up at locales without winding, especially strong for back distress and arthritis.
  • 4 Packs Replacement Cleaning Brush Heads: Extra-wide level brush head is used to clean colossal level surface regions, like a hard floor, divider, patio furniture, pool; Minimal level brush head objectives for cleaning tinier zones freed from chemical foulness, stove, grill. Round Bristlehead is perfect as a depressed cleaning brush for shower, sink, or restroom; Corner scrubber head brush mind blowing for cleaning title grout, edges, corners, and tight places. Different brushes to meet particular requirements.
  • Waterproof Cleaning Brush Heads: The scrubber brush head worked for reliable execution. The outstandingly fixed arrangement makes it furthermore impenetrable to sprinkling water and can be used under wet conditions. The filaments won’t scratch your shower. The filaments are of satisfactory quality and won’t deform. We have encountered different examinations to avow the best hardness of the strands, Neither sensitive nor hard. Guarantee the specific brilliant ability to understand the ground.

The Homitt Scrubber is organized with the objective that the post can be secluded for limit or kept together and hung like a brush or other such cleaning contraption. It goes with 4 sorts of fasten on brushes that license you to target surfaces with various focuses and opening.


Once you interface the parts into one shaft, the accompanying stage is to associate the climate control system connector and charge the unit. While charging, the Drove in the handle shimmers red, and it shines green when wrapped up. It similarly stays green when you are using the Scrubber and changes to red when the battery gets low. There is a silicone spread that seals the accusing port district of the objective that it is protected from moistness and dust.

It is a general very pleasing experience while using this scrubber. I imagine that its incredible at cleaning various surfaces, and it does as such without focusing. It also allows me to show up at adequately high without the prerequisite for a ladder or something to stay on. The battery props up long enough for me to probably clean in any event three washrooms before it would require recharging.

My only opinion of helplessness starts from a bit of the rule shaft that has a screw that sometimes feels to some degree unstable yet that it never feels like it would fall apart.

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